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  • Facts of Tea

    1. What is L-theanine?
    2. Tea for Healthy Aging and Longevity
    3. Tea and Stroke
    4. What is Real Tea?
    5. Can overcooked water affect the quality of tea?
    6. What is tea scum or the dark skin on top of the brewed tea?
    7. Does the water affect the tea brew?
    8. Is regular tea consumption good for my immune system?
    9. Tea and Oral Health: Does Fluoride in Tea has any implications on Oral Health?
    10. Does the addition of milk reduce the antioxidant value?
    11. Does tea contain antioxidants?
    12. What is a free radical?
    13. Where should you store your tea?
    14. What are Herbal Infusions?
    15. Does tea affect hydration?
    16. Does tea have a diuretic effect?
    17. Are the antioxidants in green and black tea the same?
    18. What are antioxidants?
    19. Biodegradable/ compostable material?
    20. Does teabag filter paper contain Epichlorohydrin?
    21. Does teabag filter paper contain Bisphenol A?
    22. Why should you store tea in a cool & dry place, in an air tight container, away from light sources and heat?
    23. Why does tea cloud when it is cooled?
    24. How much theophylline, a compound known to have an effect on easing asthma is contained in a cup of tea?
    25. Does tea reduces the diuretic effect in comparison to coffee?
    26. Can tea be part of a healthy adult’s daily fluid intake?
    27. Can the consumption of tea be good for my memory as I grow older?
    28. Can green tea aid weight loss?
    29. Why are there more publications on Green Tea than on Black tea?
    30. What is the difference between green and black tea? Is green tea better for you than black tea?
    31. What is decaffeinated tea?
    32. How much caffeine is considered safe?
    33. Does tea affect the absorption of Iron?
    34. What are the nutritional benefits of tea?
    35. Explanation of terms
    36. Nutrients in tea what is in your cup of tea, and how it can affect your body?
    37. Tannic acid – what is it and is it present in tea?
    38. Is tea Gluten free?
    39. Can tea cause allergic reactions?
    40. Does green tea have the same Caffeine level as black tea?
    41. What makes tea a healthy beverage?
    42. Are there GMO Free Tea?
    43. What is caffeine?
    44. How much caffeine is there in tea?
    45. What makes tea a healthy beverage?
    46. Why is Ceylon tea different?
    47. Does drinking tea during pregnancy affect the foetus?
    48. Why should one never re boil water when brewing tea?
    49. Is Tea Lactose free?
    50. How much caffeine is there in tea?
    51. What is caffeine?
    52. Are there GMO Free Tea?